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Benefits of VO2 Max Testing

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It’s true, Health and Fitness Specialists agree that VO2 Max is the ultimate indicator of cardiovascular fitness. Through VO2 Max testing the athlete gains a greater understanding of how their body uses oxygen to burn calories.

What is VO2 Max?

In jargon, it’s the ratio of Oxygen consumed to body mass over time: Milliliters of Oxygen inhaled for each Kilogram of body mass per minute. This may be expressed as ML/(KG∙Min). In laymen terms, VO2 Max is the way in which the body processes Oxygen while under the stress of aerobic exercise. Through VO2 Max the athlete knows how many calories they are burning without unreliable charts, create short bursts of energy for endurance sports, and achieve a higher sense of wellbeing.

Knowing your V02 max—and how to upgrade it—could be your most valuable asset in gradually improving your fitness and performance over time. ~ Men’s Health

The athlete no longer needs to rely on BMI based methods to enter the aerobic zone. BMI and other methods based on averages are unreliable. These methods of losing weight and gaining endurance were created with the average person in mind, however, individuals aren’t averages. A greater understanding of how the individual processes Oxygen allows the athlete to more efficiently burn calories.

We burn calories by entering the aerobic zone, known as the AT (Aerobic Metabolism). During aerobic exercise the body is burning Carbohydrates and fats in the presence of Oxygen. The body creates Carbon Dioxide and water as a byproduct. Carbohydrates provide energy for the body, however, when this energy resource isn’t exhausted it turns into fat. The VO2 Max method assists the athlete in passing into the aerobic zone without wasting energy. Pushing the body too hard is damaging to the heart and skeletal system. It’s much like pushing a wall, nothing is achieved and therefore no work is done.

In the past, VO2 testing was only at hospitals and universities. However, this state of the art testing is now available to all. This breakthrough in understanding the body’s use of oxygen is the future of physical training. Whether you’re a Boxer or simply want to lose weight, understanding how the body processes Oxygen will help you achieve your goals. Through VO2 Max testing the athlete is able to sculpt the body and efficiently use oxygen to maintain a Greco-Roman physique.

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