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GRIND Fitness in Central Florida Offers Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

By September 20, 2018 No Comments

Grind is Central Florida’s most exhilarating fitness club. Grind tossed video games and a high endurance circuit workout into a blender, the result, an intense and engaging workout that transforms you into a healthier individual. Additionally, Grind is one of the few fitness clubs in the region that offers Resting Metabolic Rate Testing. No athlete should perform without knowing their resting metabolic rate.

Exercise programs were based on vague notions of fitness: whether the goal was to lose weight or build mass, repetition was the answer. However, Kinesiology is undergoing a renaissance and the role metabolism and oxygen are taken into account in weight loss, sculpting mass and overall health. Moreover, it’s now understood that metabolism, the rate at which the body turns food into energy plays an important role a healthier lifestyle and weight loss. Metabolism is unique to the individual and is affected by age, gender and a multitude of other factors.

Metabolism performs several essential functions. Metabolism churns the food we consume into energy, known as calories, creates our body’s building blocks and assists in the removal of waste. However, the athlete is primarily concerned with the efficiency that the body transforms calories into energy. Resting Metabolic Rate Testing is a quantification of this metabolic function.

Resting metabolic rate testing is a complete and individualized profile. This profile is specific to the individual and reveals the complex interplay between weight, energy, heart rate, and overall fitness – resting metabolic rate testing assists the athlete in understanding their internal switchboard, that which channels calories into energy or fat. Understanding this switchboard unveils the road to a healthier self.

Why should the athlete undergo Resting Metabolic Rate Testing? An understanding of your body’s unique metabolic rate allows you to create a customized weight loss or maintenance program.

Grind is unique among fitness facilities. Grind not only offers Prama, a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing, but Grind also captures the athlete’s imagination. Grind’s fitness center is a realm of reverberating sound and living light. Moreover, Grind focuses on motion with meaning. Meaningful exercise allows the athlete to become absorbed in the circuit – the athlete becomes one with the circuit.

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