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Diet Tips for HIIT

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Nutrition is a key element to any exercise routine. Nutrition plays a role the body’s recovery and maximizing benefits, especially for those participating in a HIIT circuit. Athletes, participating in a HIIT circuit, may want to consider the Ketogenic Diet, although carbohydrates are required for the energy output during a successful HIIT session. The Ketogenic Diet, along with a few supplements to increase endurance and performance possess a synergy with HIIT circuit training.

The HIIT phase of a circuit is a high intensity interval training episode. This training consumes oxygen and calories to create strength endurance. This intense cardiovascular exercise, is typically, achieved in 60 minute intervals. These intervals are so intense that the body continues to burn calories for 48 hours after completion of the circuit. High intensity interval training episodes become more intense throughout the circuit as the reps increase and the athlete encounters heftier weights or greater resistance. Due to the high demand the HIIT interval places on the body, nutrition is essential.

High Intensity Interval Training requires glucose. The higher the intensity and longer the session, the more glucose the body requires. For example, according to Dr. Moji Kaviani, upon cycling for 60 seconds, the athlete suffers a 47% drop in total muscle glycogen. Moreover, carbohydrate and protein intake are paramount, prior to a HIIT session. Consuming carbohydrates is known to maintain muscle glucose and improve performance. The Ketogenic Diet is recommended for those participating in a HIIT circuit, with a carbohydrate suppliant prior to training.

There are a few supplements that are know to improve HIIT sessions. These supplements may be used to improve endurance or decrease the fatigue of a HIIT session.

  • Caffeine
  • Creatine
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Beta-alanine

Are among the list of supplements.

Creating is known to improve performance by increasing the amount of stored phosphate.

Caffeine is known to improve endurance’ it’s a stimulate. It’s suggested to take 1-3 MG/KG of body weight 30 minutes prior to exercise.

Sodium bicarbonate, common baking soda, is know to control excess acidity in the blood. Lowering blood’s alkaline content reduces lactic acid. Lactic acid leads to fatigue.

Beta-alanine, a performance enhancing supplement, increases intramuscular carnosine content. Most suggest a total of 3-6.4 G/day for 4-6 weeks, up to 10 weeks is safe.

As with any exercise regiment, a well balanced diet is superior to fad diet. However, in addition to a well balanced diet, due to the intensity of the HIIT circuit, the body requires supplements.

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