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High Tech Gyms

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High tech gyms are a complete matrix, isolated from the outside world. It’s like the minds of Rober Taylor (the man who created ARPANET), Archibald Hill (the man who created VO2 Max), John L. Sulivan (The man behind The World Boxing Championship) and Dan Flavin (famed for art instillations using florescent light) were thrown into a think-tank and asked to re-invent the gym.

These spaces are alive, an almost living entity, 3D sound reverberates, exercise devices are interactive and the ambiance is that of a posh club. Some might even call high tech gyms a post apocalyptic oasis.

High tech gyms seep with technology, some of which may be called post-apocalyptic. A few gyms, in London, offers smart air. Smart air is purified with a UV lamp. This is something typically done in Beijing due to the air being unsafe for consumption. However, in a high tech gym, the air is purified for a clean oxygen-rich atmosphere. The UV lamps remove .99 percent of all impurities, including urea, the bacterial in sweat. Moreover, the pools are treated via UV, more than a gym, these are Sci-Fi realities.

Forms of sensory deprivation, as a fitness trend, may have seemingly vanished with the Seventies’. However, a few high tech fitness gyms offer Hydroxic Cambers. Hydroxic Chambers reproduce the effect of training by creating a a low oxygen environment – oxygen deprivation. These low oxygen environments assist the athlete in creating stamina and endurance, although it seems antithetical to the VO2 Max trend. It’s said that a 15 min high-intensity session in a Hydroxic Chamber is equivalent to a one hour workout at sea level.

Gyms like Prama can’t be omitted from a list of high tech gyms. These gyms combine video games, world class sound and High Intensity Interval Training Sessions. These may be considered the mind, body, circuit and HIIT studios. Often, in addition to a unique ambiance and high intense workout, these gyms offer advanced sports medicine.

Although some of us are Luddites and prefer the simplicity of lifting weights, or running a track, these high tech gyms are worth checking out. Often, they offer sports medicine and diet specialists that can assist the traditional exercise enthusiast as much as the technocrat.

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